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We want to become a place where like-minded people come to get information about what’s new and what’s hot in our island community and beyond.

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Lilah Clay


"... asking the sun, to melt shoe laces, so my bare feet can remember, the way it feels to stand, on naked earth..."



Why crochet? Why the hell not!? Interview with crochet master Lisa Mills.

Brooklyn Bridge


Partying it up in NYC! Great food, music and dancing up all night. And one creepy Russian broad.

MARCH 2013

Aloha and welcome to the March 2013 Edition of Urchin.  This is our VERY FIRST ISSUE!

In this issue, Urchin was recently in New York City and partied down at some of the local hot spots, read about it in URCHIN IN NYC.  We discuss what it’s like to crochet like a fox in an interview with crochet master extraordinaire Lisa Mills in CRO-CHEZ.  To fill up your literary cup, visit one of Lilah Clay’s latest poems in ASKING THE SUN.  We just built a new website for A Makebelieve Company, visit AMBCHAWAII.COM and order some shirts!  Enjoy some art by looking at EVIL BUNNIES.

We hope you enjoy the first issue of Urchin and we look forward to hearing from you.  We hope you feel compelled to comment on our articles and add your two cents, and by all means, don’t hesitate to contact us at and tell us what you think, what you want to see in the future and how horribly bad we’re doing.  We welcome all perspectives.

Evil Bunnies


They look so soft and cuddly but up close...



Check out the brand new line from A MakeBelieve Company in Haiku.

Poison by Patrick Dunne


Check out one of Maui's most talented, universal and chemically imbalanced artists, Patrick Dunne.

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