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It seems like with the whole Hipster movement people have been diving headfirst back into the “Do-It-Yourself”/”Maker” movement, with a number of people designing and making their own garments and accessories.  When did you first start crocheting and knitting and why?

I started when I was younger, my grandma taught me how to crochet.  That was really cool, I used to watch her knitting and I was just fascinated by it.  Then I didn’t do it for a long time, probably when I was 23 I picked it up again.

You strike me as more of a crocheter.  Crocheting or knitting?  Why?

I like crocheting better than knitting, it’s much less frustrating.

Do they let you bring your crochet hooks and knitting needles on the plane when you travel?

They do yes, I have a whole kit and no one has ever taken it away from me, but I better knock on wood [laughs] that they don’t take it away from me today.

So you’re going to fly today?


Have you ever been detained by TSA for your crochet hooks?

[Laughs] No!  You’re jinxin me dude!

Where do you get most of the ideas for your designs?

Everywhere.  Mostly on the internet, like on Pinterest.  My friends, like Anna, sends me stuff all the time, she’ll see stuff and be like “I want this!” and just send me a picture and I have to figure out how to make it.

So you completely figure out how to do it from scratch, you don’t use a template or a pattern?

Sometimes I’ll go find a pattern that is something similar to what someone wants, but I crochet almost every day so I can pretty much figure out how to make something.

That’s fucking cool.

You made me a beanie with a beard for Christmas and I love it!  I also remember sitting in the Stockman bar in Fair Oaks, CA with mom having cocktails and you made her an eye patch on the spot…that was freakin cool!  I also know you have made some of your own designs for stuffed animals.  What are some of your favorite things to make?

The turtle was my favorite thing to make, and I like making hats.

I know you make a lot of scarves.

Yeah, cuz they’re easy and you don’t really have to think about it.  I like to make little stuff cuz the big stuff just takes so looong…

Have you ever crocheted underwear?

[Laughs] No.  It’s on my list of things to do.

Are you on Etsy or any other online shop?  If you don’t have an online shop, how come?

Not yet, no.  I’m trying to make some inventory before I put myself out there.  My problem is I keep making stuff and just giving it away, so I’m not building any inventory.

Where can people purchase your products?

You just have to contact me.  It’s pretty much custom, just let me know what you want and I’ll make it.

Do you have any crocheting wisdom for people who are just starting out, something that you may have had to overcome in your own time and would like to share?

You can always take it out and start over.  It’s ok.  It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.  If you don’t like it you can take it out and it’ll be alright.  People get frustrated because they don’t know how to do it and you just have to stick with it and the more you practice the better you get and the easier it is.

Are there any crochet masters out there that you admire?  Who is your inspiration?

[Laughs] I don’t know their names but I see some, like online, I don’t know who they are but some of their stuff is amazing.  And I’m like, “Wow!”  Like some people will make the stuffed animals and I’ll see them and mine look like beginner shit compared to theirs.

Where do you get most of your yarn?  Do you have a favorite place to shop?

Mostly at Michael’s, Joanne’s, or Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby’s pretty cool I just found it.  It has sooo much yarn.  There’s one in Stockton where I live, it’s like a new chain store.  It’s gonna be huge, but they have tons of different yarn.

Do you have any funny stories about your adventures in crocheting?  Anything that happened specifically because you were crocheting, like someone hitting on you or just striking up a conversation?

I get that all the time, people will talk to me, they’re like, “Wow!  What are you doing?!  What are you making?”  And I just keep crocheting and it makes it a lot easier for me to talk to people…while I’m distracted.  [Laughs]  I love crocheting at the bar, though, cuz people are like, “What the hell is she doing!?”  [Laughs]

And for the last question.  [In my best Monty Python impression] What…is your favorite color?

[Laughs]…[still laughing]  Yellow, of course.

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