Asking The Sun

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I am becoming that older person
you taught yourself not to love.
She is kind, forgiving,
full of moss swollen hills,
and a river clear
as glass
before it breaks open
and cuts
the delicate pieces of you
into stars–
for mounting on walls
next to collages
of all we want to summon
in on the currents
of red sand winds,
on the elbows
of fairytale dragons with long
and curled tongues.

I am becoming that older person
inside of you
that you cannot help but fall all over
just to be near.
The love you neglect to give yourself
has been given to me.
I do not steal,
I only earn…
knocking down castle
walls that hold us apart
from ourselves,
asking the sun
to melt shoe laces
so my bare feet can remember
the way it feels to stand
on naked earth,
heart ripped open–
a makeshift megaphone
for the birds.

– Lilah Clay

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